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Cobot MIG Welding

About Us

We are a robotics company based in Korea, who believe the future of welding and metalworking is Cobots. 

With a focus on software and hardware for cobot applications, we help integrators build successful cobot businesses.

We are an official Rainbow Robotics partner, offering welding and grinding software and hardware systems to our partners around the globe, who then build remarkable solutions for their customers.

Our work revolves around providing faster, easier, cost-effective automation for shops with an ever-growing need for skilled labor, and high quality.

Welding Automation

Our Mission

We have set out to achieve, with a simple setup, higher productivity, higher quality, and less cost compared to conventional manual welding and grinding operations.

Welding and grinding can be significant bottlenecks in the shop. Our products empower the shop manager with DIY tools to solve bottlenecks once and for all. 

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